Elijah Cummings: “Missing Links” in BaltimoreLink plan

Rep. Elijah Cummings had the following to say in his Sept. 30 op-ed in the Baltimore Sun:

“For many Baltimore residents, the MTA bus service’s routes and timings determine the patterns β€” and the very reach β€” of their lives.

“Many of the Baltimore communities in which opportunity is most limited β€”and in which access to a private vehicle is lowest β€” would have been served by the proposed Red Line light rail system.

“This is why the governor’s decision to cancel the Red Line and walk away from as much as $900 million in federal funding that could have been invested in that project was a decision about more than just a rail line. It was a decision that will shape the connections and barriers that will continue to define the geography of our city and its residents’ lives for decades to come.”

See the full op-ed here.